How to set Degrees for Tolerance for Zone Heating Setpoint Not Met Time in Honeybee

I am trying to set the option for Unmet Hours Tolerance in a Honeybee energy model workflow. Is there a way to set this parameter or do I need to feed it in as a string?

The EnergyPlus parameter is:

  1.0,      !- Tolerance for Time Heating Setpoint Not Met {deltaC}
  1.0;      !- Tolerance for Time Cooling Setpoint Not Met {deltaC}
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I may be wrong about this; but you could give this a try:


Thank you for the suggestion. Yes that works!

Wonder if there is a built-in Honeybee method for doing this…

No, this is one of those input’s that’s a bit more advanced and isn’t natively supported by Honeybee. Using add_str_ (aka. additional strings) is the correct way to add it to your models if you need it.

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Is this still the case with the newest version?