How to set up Residential AC with no heat system and GSHP?

Hello, I would like to simulate a house with a Residential AC with no heat system and a ground source heat pump system. The AC system is only used for cooling and dehumidifying the house and does not have a fresh air system. Additionally, the ground source heat pump system can use the heat stored in the soil to cool or heat the upper building, thereby reducing the load of the air conditioning system. How should I set up this system? Thanks~

I don’t know exactly how you are thinking these two systems work together but the general answer to the question “how can I model a really customized type of HVAC system in Ladybug Tools?” is “Use Ironbug.”

Here is a tutorial playlist to get you started:

Thank you for your suggestion. After exploring the Ironbug HVAC templates and watching related videos for a few days, I have managed to build the relevant OpenStudio model by disassembling and reassembling the templates. Many thanks. I hope Ladybug Tools can implement more features related to GSHP in the future~

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Glad to hear it, @suyue !

Have you seen this?

The GHE Designer component is a brand new feature that’s currently only available with the LB Versioner but I think this officially makes Ladybug Tools the only software interface that can do both Ground Heat Exchanger sizing and detailed Building Energy Modeling with GSHP in the same place.

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Thank you. The update with LB Versioner was successful, and following your steps, I was able to calculate the necessary g_function and properties. I will be using it frequently~

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