How to simulate dynamic windows with multiple states? (LBT 1.3.0)

I want to simulate dynamic windows which can change multiple states as the solar irradiance on the windows changes.
I used WindowConstructionShade, but I think now it only works with one state instead of switching to different states.
I’m not sure whether other components like WindowConstructionDynamic can do that.
Also, is there any way to validate that the dynamic window is switching states?

dynamic (50.3 KB)

Yes, WindowConstructionDynamic can simulate multi-state dynamic windows. WindowConstructionShade can only simulate constructions with 2 on/off states.

I would check the .rdd file output by the simulation to see if there are more specific EnergyPlus outputs you can request to check the hourly state of the window but I imagine that the following output would be helpful to request:

Surface Window System Solar Transmittance

Thank you, @chris
Is there a way to assign a controller and setpoints to WindowConstructionDynamic like the ones from WindowConstructionShade?
I want the glass states to change with solar irradiance on the windows. I don’t know whether I can do that by assigning a schedule.

At the moment, the only way to set up WindowConstructionDynamic is with a schedule because control strategies for multi-state constructions are not as simple as those for windows with just a on/off state.

Maybe if we realize certain types of strategies are common and really painful to implement with the schedule, we can implement streamlined pathways for them. Such pathways are still going to be more complex than WindowConstructionShade since we’ll need several setpoints for each of the states instead of a single setpoint.

In the meantime, to have a WindowConstructionDynamic change based on incident irradiance, you can run a HB Annual Irradiance study of the window, load the hourly results with the HB Annual Results To Data component, and use those hourly values to make a HB Fixed Interval Schedule for a ‘WindowConstructionDynamic’.

I think you’ll find that Fixed Interval Schedules should give you the power to implement most types of control strategies you would with WindowConstructionShade while also accounting for many more factors within a single strategy than you could otherwise. There are some things that are tough to implement with them, though, so I understand we may need to eventually add some features to the WindowConstructionDynamic.

Thank you, @chris
Maybe I have also done something wrong with the schedule. It’s not able to simulate anything.
I’ve got an error here. I saw a post about that, but I couldn’t fix it by using LB Versioner.

dynamic (98.0 KB)

The message is pretty clear that we didn’t implement WindowConstructionDynamic in the direct-to-idf methods used by that component yet. It looks like people wanted this supported sooner than I expected so I’ll try to add it soon.

In the meantime, there’s full support for WindowConstructionShade in the direct-to-idf methods so, if you can approximate the construction using the two states of WindowConstructionShade, that might fastest.

You can also use the “Model To OSM” component with SimulationControl that records the results for_sizing_period_. The workflow isn’t as streamlined as the “HB Peak Loads” component but you can do everything that the Peak Loads component does with the “Model To OSM” component if you’re willing to play with the simulation parameters a little.

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I see. Thank you so much!

Hi Chris,
Is it possible to model HB Radiance dynamic states with on/off control types?
Thanks in advance.

We’re working on it now and it should be available in the next stable release of the LBT plugin.

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Great! I´ll be looking forward!

@chris is this available for HoneyBee Radiance and how can it be used for ASE / sDA calculations?

We don’t have it fully implemented yet but we’re part way there. And you understand our motivations exactly. Among other things, we are going to use the dynamic window groups to support LEED-compliant ASE/sDA.

I don’t think the WindowConstructionDynamic surport seasonal schedule. Can anyone confirm this?

WindowConstructionDynamic supports all schedules, including seasonal schedules: