How to simulate occupant window opening behaviour in a dynamic time-stepped fashion


Got it - does this make sense?

Not bad @MaxMarschall. You are doing a good job. Looking forward to have a look at your paper later.


How did you make the graph for the window opening/closing (grey line)?

In Python using the matplotlib library

Hi @chris, Since AFN is implemented in HB I’m trying to do something similar to what you posted. I’ve operable apertures which open iteratively at 10%, 50% and 100% based on the operative temperatures setpoint. But the issue I’m facing is whenever I input 3 opening values to the “fract_area_oper” of HB window opening component, the final result only considers one opening irrespective of the temperature setpoints. I also tried setting the python code with different opening areas, similar to the image you posted but in that case, the simulation only considers the final opening area ignoring the first and second.
Is it possible to get windows open at different opening through the simulation?
Thank you.

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