How to turn radiation data to thermal data?

Hello there!
I ran into a problem that may look pretty stupid.
I was going to do a small-scale experiment on the heat impact of curtain wall reflection towards a north windowed room. I got data of cumulative radiation in a short period of time, and wanted to transform it into the heat impact of the room but didn’t find a way out. I can’t establish the connection between HBR and HBE. Can someone give a clue about it?

Thank you in advance! (181.5 KB)


Your GH file looks like its doing this correctly to me, even though the HB-Energy portion is disabled for some reason. Just take the same HB model and weather file that you developed for your radiation and thermal comfort study, and plug it into the HB-Energy workflow. The solar_gain result then shows the impact of solar radiation on the thermal energy balance of each room.

Is the HB-Energy portion not working, or are you having a conceptual problem?

I was wondering wether I can use the radiance data as some “raw materials” of energy analysis and the data of “solar gain” showed smaller difference between 2 situation- with or without curtain wall.

After some study and searching, I found the question has been asked by others. And wondered how is re recent progress of this function.

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