How to uninstall Lagybug/Honeybee

This might sounds strange.

I first installed all the componnents in grasshopper.

Nothing would work and i had an error message “base type is missing” (i already have GhPython installed).

So i tried to replace all the components (trying to “start over”). But it has created doublons… I have all components twice and still, no one working.

I did not find a way to unistall them, anyone has an idea?

I use LB et HB on different computer (works great) but on this new one, i can’t make it work :frowning:




Go to your C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\UserObjects directory and there you can just delete the related files.


or use this script which automates the same process that Abraham mentioned.

Search the forum for installation issues and you will find the answer to the installation problem. It most probably because GHPython is blocked.

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The script link does not work. Can you check it?

I don’t know what happened there but here is the link

For problems regarding the update components, I wanted to disinstall and reinstall HB and LB. The file I downloaded at that link is only about Honeybee, and it doesn’t work anyway (error message: 1. Solution exception:WindowsError). Then, I decided to delete the files like @AbrahamYezioro said, but I don’t know exactly what: I have multiple folders.

Can you please help me how to delete ladybug since im new to this. I am trying to get an older version of ladybug since I dont find any tutorials for the new version.