How to update the honeybee and ladybug?


I used the component “updatehoneybee” to update the component from 0.0.55 to 0.0.56. But when I put the component to the canvas, it is still 0.0.55.

What is wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there! In theory it should work for you but in general for changing between the versions I would suggest to remove the current version, download the files from Food4Rhino, install them and then use the update component to get the latest version.

hallo Mostapha,

just quick info. i just realized this, maybe it is a bug too…when i update the objects through update honeybee object, it was created as : testSurface and not with _testSurface. the sea for gridsize and distbasesrf. check attached file.

but when i drag the object from the menu again, it was fine.

have a good day!


Hi nass,

Thank you for reporting this. This is more of a limitation than a bug. Update component just updates the code and doesn’t really check for changes in inputs and outputs. As I mentioned above when I originally developed the component I was thinking that it will be only used by developers and they will take care of limitations like this. Now that it is getting used by everyone maybe I should modify the code to take care of these changes.