How to use .csv file to do dynamic control for blind

Hi everyone,
What a brilliant tool for energy and daylight simulation . I have some problems for dynamic control for blind . I want to control the blind’s angle for every hour . I know the honeybee[+] can solve my trouble. Can you tell me if the battery to solve my issue ? And how can I use it for my simulation .

image (593.7 KB)
Thank you in advance.

I have an idea if I can use 10 shade state to control the blind ,which is 0°,10°,20°,30°,40°,50°,60°,70°,80°,90° .
And I have a .csv file that contains the angle of 8760 hours a year, but how can I achieve the control angle?

@ mostapha @ chris
I wonder if this novel tool can address the .csv file to control the blind’s angle for every hour ,namely 8760 h.
Please tell me.:joy::joy::joy:

If you have the csv file with desired blind combinations you can bypass this component. Load csv values into Grasshopper and connect the values directly to blindStates input of other post-processing components.

Hi mostapha
I have a csv file angle.csv (31.8 KB) just contains the 8760 angles which correspond to the time . Here is my problem that I have no idea to use this file to control :joy::joy::joy:.

Hi everybody

who do know how to do it ? I have some trouble with the blind control for every hour.
I will look forward to your answers .

Hi, have you solved this problem? I meet the same issue now. If you had solved this problem successfully, could you tell me how can I do …