How to use HB Dynamic Shade Group component

Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding how the dynamic shading group feature is working in the new LBT.
In the example here I was trying to simply simulate a situation with two different states for my example (the canopy of a tree) but I do not understand how the components should be brought together and where to input, for instance, a schedule to say when one state should be ON during the year.

And again, what to input into the _shade of the HB Dynamic Shade Group component?
Is there an example of a workflow you could provide to better understand how to run a simulation with different states? (96.0 KB)

Thank you for your help,


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Dynamic Shade/Aperture Groups are the only components in LBT Honeybee that aren’t finished at the moment. We are adding support for them into the recipes now and we should be done implementing them by the next stable release. In the meantime, they don’t work. When they eventually do work, you’ll be able to create them and add them to Models using the workflows in the sample file that downloads with Food4Rhino.

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Ok @chris, thank you very much for the info!
I remember now that I saw in other posts that dynamic_shades were still missing but I probably got confused here since I found the component available and so I was thinking it was ready to be used.
I will wait for the next stable release for that and, in the meanwhile, I will have a look at the sample file.
Thanks very much for the great work you are doing with the Tools!


Hi! Just checking if the dynamic states for HB-radiance have been developed more already in the latest release of LBT(1.4)? Seems like the example files for it don’t account for a schedule for when we want to change the states of our geometries.

Has anyone managed to work with this already?

They’re still not yet supported in the LBT plugin but we just finished a draft for recipes to do 3 and 5 phase simulation with dynamic apertures. We’re just doing some tests to determine suitable default Radiance parameters and then we’ll hopefully be able to expose them with two components after that.

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Great to hear! I’m looking forward to the integration of this.

Thanks, Chris, and all the best!

Hi @chris,

Are these dynamic shade components supported now for daylight studies?
I was still not able to find an option to input a state schedule in SDA component. Is this still under development?


Yes. @mikkel has been working on them and been making good progress.

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Was is finally included in ver 1.6 of Ladybog tools?