How to use HB Shade material with HB Shade Constrction?

I hope to use different construction materials in the self-built exterior shading, but HB Shade Constrution does not have an interface of HB Shade Material and I want to use the opaque material as HB Shade Construction, how to set it?

Hi @YueWN ,

We probably could have chose some better naming here since we used the word “Shade” to refer to two different types of objects.

The HB Shade Material component in the left of your screenshot is meant to represent a dynamic shade within a HB Window Construction Shade assembly. So it’s like a roller shade or some insulated blinds that can move up and down along a window.

The HB Shade Construction is meant to help you set the reflectance of Shade geometry in EnergyPlus, which can block/transmit,/reflect sun. This shade geometry can represent a wide number of things from exterior louvers, to overhangs/awnings, to trees, etc. It sounds like this is what you want to use given that you’re describing it as “self-built exterior shading.”

Hi Chris:
I used HB Shade Construction to build the outer shade of the wall, and observed the temperature change of the outer wall surface by modifying the solar reflectance. However, I found that the result hardly changed when the reflectance was assigned to 0.2 and 0.5. How can I solve this problem?