How to use Honeybee before designing?

If it’s possible I need help. In all videos, that @mostapha shared, he has buildings with windows and then analysis that. Can I analysis the building envelope’s and find the best situation, the size of the windows or any other glazing in related to daylight before start the design?? actually for starting to design in the better way,I want to have daylight data layers like other data ( physical programming, topography …).

I can pixelized the face and run the algorithm for every possible mode, but this way, take a long time and never have the real answer.

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In such cases usually you would create a prototypical room and orient it through 8 different orientations and run the analysis. That results should be a good starting point.

I’m not sure if I understand the question. Are you trying to run the study separately for each pixel of the facade? Generally speaking before you start the design you have a range of realistic possibilities. What I would do is to start with them and try to understand the effect of each design parameter on building performance instead of trying to study every single possibility.

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Yes, This is also my goal; but at first i want to have algorithm that analyze all kind of “mass without any hole and glass” and give information about the best position of glass or … is it possible?

thank you for answering.
Actually i want to design facade that hasn’t window yet while need it really, and i want to know where are the best places for them to receive daylight as much as its possible and with best view.
What can i do?
Can i know about positions without designing idea about windows? (I mean, can i analyze the “mass without windows” and give information about the best position of them?) or i must set them manually and analyze and compare the results?

I would check this example.

There is only one facede. is there any way to have information about the position & size of the windows?

This particular example doesn’t have windows. It analyses the facade in order to decide where to locate them.
You should check also this.