How to use honeybeeplus to simulate a office with 3 dynamic windows

I need to simulate electrochromic window ,the build model is a office with 3 windows,every window controlled independently, so how to use the python script to realize this.
thank you!

You should model each window as a separate window group.

thank you @mostapha
can I use the blind_states input to control the EC windows’ states

Modeling process for EC glass is no different from other glasses. You define each level of visible transmittance as a new state and the rest of the process is like any other dynamic glass.

dear mostapha, I define each Tv state like the following screenshot as you suggest.

And then I use the schedule IDs to control the states of each window,as the second picture shows.

The last image is the result .
So I wonder that if it is right of my model.
Thanks a lot.

@Fantasy, with this data I cannot tell if the results is correct but your workflow looks right to me.

Thank you for your reply,mostapha.The result is too strange because there is no blind on the office windows,it should not be stripy.It’s just my surmise.