How to use Legacy and LBT Pluging in the same computer

Hello everyone,

After some time using Legacy Ladybug 0.0.69/Honeybee 0.0.66, I am moving the LBT plugin. I wonder, if possible, how to be able to use both versions at the same time.

I would prefer to keep both at the beginning because the during the time I’m getting used to LBT pluging, the Legacy can help to make some quick checks.

I know Legacy has some incompatibilities such as need to OS 2.9.1 and Berkerley Them 7.6.

I have just installed LBT pluging 1.2.0, which requires EP 9.4. I had EP 9.3 and updated it to 9.4, but it only recognize EP 9.2.0, I guess it recognize the EP coming with OS. So, I’m afraid to update OS and not being able to use the legacy. Which is nice to keep, specially for radiation studies.


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You have to install Openstudio 3.1 in the following folder:
The new LBT tool will look here in the first place.
The legacy version keeps on working with the older version of openstudio on C


Hello @Erikbeeren ,

It worked perfect! Thanks a lot.