How to view the default material parameters in honeybee

I used the default material directly, where do I go to check the default material parameters such as reflectivity?I didn’t find the answer in the official documentation. Thank you very much for your reply!

Hi @dududuji
I would extract the properties of the faces in one of these two ways. You can find the proper name of other properties by double-clicking on the ‘HB Face Energy Attributes’ list.

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Thank you very much for your reply! I’m doing a light simulation using radiance, and I’d like to know the reflectance of the material specular reflectance. The one you sent me seems to be about energy consumption construction, may I ask how to check the parameters related to light, such as specular reflectance?

You can just write instead:

property =

You can replace specularity with other properties you are interested in, such as average_reflectance, r_reflectance , g_reflectance , b_reflectance, and roughness.

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Thank you very much for your help!