HPXML to OpenStudio

Hey @chris,

Figured I’d start a new topic on this residential matter. Feel free to let me know to give it up, haha.

So I tried, I think, to use your components and I’ve failed miserably.

In the command line box there’s a line that says “No valid weather file defined in either the osm or osw.”

I was thinking I should be able to take all of the workflow samples from the repository and convert them. I appear to be mistaken. Or I’m doing it incorrectly. Or likely both.

Any thoughts? I was hoping to see how the folks developing this are modeling gas furnaces and doing utility calculations and the like. I’m definitely out of my comfort zone here though. Maybe I’m just off base trying to get fancier than the midrise apartment schedules and loads.

Thanks again for all of your help and for providing/supporting this amazing toolset.


Thanks for testing, @bwatanabe . I can see that this is the real error from OpenStudio when I try to run the latest version of this measure from the HPXML Github.

It looks like the latest measure requires a version of OpenStudio that has not been officially released yet and only has release candidates (that should probably change in a month or two).

Let me improve the “Create OSM Measure” component so that the error gets passed correctly onto the Grasshopper component. in the meantime, you’ll likely have to download an official release from the OpenStudio-HPXML github like this one here:

Given that one was released in May, I would bet that it should be compatible with OptnStudio 3.6.1.

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I updated the “Create OSM Measure” component so that it reports the error for you:

So you’ll get the message now when you run it with that measure:

I also confirmed that, if you use the older release of OpenStudio-HPXML (including the older XML sample files), you won’t have any issue producing the OSM from the HPXML:

I’ll note, however, that the OSM files that this measure produces are probably meant to be abstractions of the actual residential geometry since this is what the OSM looks like:

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This is pretty cool! I don’t know quite yet what I’m looking at, but thanks for figuring that out. Now to wrap my head around all those examples!

Once we’re having this info in OpenStudio can we export an IDF to bring into Honeybee to mess around with? Or just use the one created with the measure? I also see that we can’t access the constructions because they aren’t in our user library, I suppose. Is there a way to do that from OpenStudio? End of the day it doesn’t really matter, since I can just click through in OpenStudio. I’m just not good at using it yet.

Thanks again though!