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Hi, guys :
I read the old forum and already knew how to set the HVAC operation schedule . But temperature detail that I try to input the zone need to keep the temperature maintain on 23 degree Celsius, means when the indoor temperature get higher or lower than 23 degree Celsius we should operate the HVAC . Not sure the setting is right or not, and how to check it ?

Another question is about schedules.The only thing I want to show is conditioning without occupancy, lighting, equipment schedules…So, should I leave Honeybee_Set EnergyPlus Zone Schedules in blank or give a string of 0 ?

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Many thanks!

For the zones without loads i would use the Plenum component that will set the zone without any loads.
As for the HVAC you need to set also the Heating setpoint/setback… You can check on your results, after simulation, the zone temperature.

Hi, @AbrahamYezioro, thank you for the quick reply.

Sorry,that I didn’t made my questions clearly.
I’m testing a small zone only use HVAC with idea schedule (temperature&operation), basically wanna study the energy consumption. But I found that no default program can be use.
By reviewing latest discussion about customize program, Macky pointed out that we could reach the goal by change the schedules and loads.

As your suggestion. I set the cooling and heating setpoint/setback, when I check on Energyplus IDF editor
the results seems doesn’t work as I hope to maintain a constant temperature degree (only got the schedule names) and the default program limit the setback point also.

Hope it clear . Thank you !

@borui ,

What you have done will correctly make the zones constantly at 23C (check your zone temperature results and you will see this is true). However, your energy use will be through the roof because your building will be constantly switching between cooling and heating mode to keep the temperature at 23C. No HVAC system is actually designed this way and there’s always a deadband between cooling and heating. Even intense physics laboratories that require constant temperatures have deadbands (although they are very small, sometimes around 0.1 C).

So I’d recommend adding at least a degree or two between cooling and heating set points unless this is some crazy physics laboratory.

Hi, chris
I’m figure it out and it does work !
Many thanks for the help . :slight_smile: