HVAC System - Thermal Load

@chris I am modeling a building that uses the VAV system. However, on this type of system, I realized that in no results are generated in “totalThermalLoad”. Are “totalthermalLoad” results only generated when using ideal loads?

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@lucasmartinezcosta The answer is yes.

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So this is one limitation of Honeybee?

@lucasmartinezcosta ,

I’d say that it’s closer to the opposite of a limitation in that a fully-detailed VAV system has so many pieces to it that there’s a question of “where” you want to know the thermal load (ie. at the reheat coil, at the central heating coil, at the boiler, etc.). It’s just not as simple as an ideal air system where you can point to a single load and say “that’s it!”

The output we give your in the heating and cooling outputs of the Read EP Result component for a VAV system the electric energy going into the chiller and the gas energy going into the bolier but there are hundreds of outputs that you can request from E+ for the thermal loads in different parts of the HVAC. You can use the Read Result Dictionary component to see all of these hundreds of outputs. This part of this hydra example shows you how you can request and import these results into Grasshopper.

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Thank you very much, Crhis!