HVAC vs Ideal Loads not giving cooling/heating results

Hi All,

Potentially another ‘missing component’ question incoming, but I haven’t touched the HVAC tabs for HB+ until now when I had the thought that I should really be including fan and pump energy in some comparison studies. Previously, I was experimenting with just cooling and heating loads from the default Ideal loads system.

When I connect up a simple VAV with air-cooled chiller and gas boiler reheat as a system type option to the rooms, the ‘read energy results’ component no longer gives any data for cooling, heating or the expected fan and pump. Lighting, equipment, people loads etc are all present, but the HVAC related items are missing.

I thought perhaps there would be in the ‘read HVAC results’ component but this component only gives peak cooling and heating results?

I may be missing a results component here, or discovering another bug. Please let me know :slight_smile:


Hi @ElzineBraasch ,

Are you using OpenStudio 3.0.1 as noted in the compatibility matrix? I am getting heating and cooling equipment energy use with the VAV template you’re using:

VAV_test.gh (64.2 KB)