I can't find file "set_python_path.bat"

help me! first, i cant speak english well, sorry

ladybug_ladybug, honeybee_honeybee is working well…vizzzz

but, legendparameters and every ladybugs command is not working.

Now i use, Rhino6, hb0.0.66, lb0.0.69

  1. Solution exception:
    Failed to import ladybug:
    No module named ladybug.legend

I saw comment(.bat file execute? working?) but, idon have ladybugs_tool file and .bat file…

please help me…

*If possible, I want to maintain the current version.

Hi -

You are mixing legacy components (0.x) with LBT components (1.x). You can’t do that.

Oh! Thank you very much for your kindness. Now I know the cause of the error. I’m really sorry, but where can I erase the lbt? file… I’ve been looking around a lot of rhino, grashopper files, but I couldn’t find them.

Hi -

I’m afraid I have no idea what you mean by that.

Thank you. !!! Now I understand your comment!
I solved this problem! Thank you! 납작! 감사합니다~!