I have a curved lightshelf, how do I assign it as a shading element for daylighting simulations?

Hi everyone,

I have a curved lightshelf, how do I integrate it in my daylighting simulations?



Just give to your lightshelf an radiance material and siply connect it to HBsurface



Peter, Thanks for your help. After connecting my lightshelf to a HBsurface, I should connect it to the HBobject input in the HBDaylightingAnalysis component, am I right?

EXACTLY :slight_smile:

Awesome, Thanks. One more question, how do I account for ground plane for daylighting simulations, I’m guessing the same thing as with the lightshelf.

Yes :slight_smile: you can even double chceck that , if you will just write the RAD filed and than ckceck the material properieties and the geometry from that

Hello , please am conducting daylight analysis for an office with/without lightshelf,but it seems that i see no change (if matter of fact the daylight amount has decreased after applying tge lightshelf), please any thought what should i do ?? Or what are the right process to create lightshelf