I haven't been able to use the bee plugin in Revit successfully

Hello, everyone
I am trying to use Honeybee for Revit. All the programs have been installed correctly and the components seem to be running well. However, once running, Revit will crash and the model cannot be exported smoothly.

There’s no response after I click, there’s no output from the model
After expanding the room, an error was obtained, but no report was generated

Can anyone help me?I’d be grateful!!

Hi @konradksobon, can you help with this issue?

There should be a log file in %appdata%Honeybee\logs can you post it here?

Hey konradksobon
Strangely enough, I did not find the log file in the corresponding path

I did not find the log file in the corresponding path, what do you think?


Is there a Honeybee folder under hp/AppData folder?

No, did I miss some steps?
But I found the Honeybee folder in another folder

Debug.log (111.1 KB)
I have uploaded the report in it

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Adding my name to the list of people who tried this workflow with the Revit plugin with no success. I used the sample file you provided Konrad, the plugin installs just fine, finds the rooms but as @ZhengrongTao mentions Revit crashes when I try the download button and I can not find the location of that log file to follow the trail of what goes wrong. Anyone else is experiencing this?