I would like to know more about how to use BSDF in Honeybee[+] for daylight simulation

Hello Team,
Currently, I am working on my thesis which is to optimize a facade for controlled daylight distribution in an office space of a high rise building for visual comfort. This will deal with redirecting of daylight to a greater depth, diffusing light to reduce glare near to window, and facade that reacts with the dynamic behavior of daylight throughout the year.

For this, I am using HB+ and LB+ plugins for daylight simulation. I also went through the 3-phase and 5-phase method which uses BSDF into the simulation. And I found people say the 3/5 phase method with BSDF is more accurate for daylight simulation.
I would like to know more about what are the essential steps to take care of using the 3-phase and 5-phase method. Also, I want to know how to use a BSDF material file? or how I can get or make one?
Thank you.


Hi Akash,

BSDF materials can be created using a program called WINDOW by LBNL which can be downloaded here. The paper below discusses how you can create BSDF’s. This is a relatively easier method.
BSDF tutorial
The other method of creating BSDF’s is through the radiance program genBSDF
BSDF materials are usually in the file format of .xml and can be loaded into your simulations through the HB+ BSDF material component.
There are a lot of resources available on the discourse forum regarding this and I would recommend you refer to previous posts on the same.


Hello sreejithjayaram93,
After learning this tutorial, I found out if the software Window can model itself to generate BSDF files
I’ve been confused about this. If so, what should I do?
Thank you again for