Idea: Shading Mask on Calla Dome

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I just got an idea for a component, and I wanted to pick all of your brains about it before diving too deep.

I do a lot of work with identifying the ideal orientation of static PV panels, but it gets a bit tricky when I have to account for shading of surrounding context. Granted, it’s not ideal to put PV panels in any form of shade… but one must sometimes compromise to get things done.

I am wondering if it’s possible to make a selected skymatrix that has been filtered by a shading mask, and then use that ‘Shaded Selected Sky Matrix’ as the input for a Radiation Calla Dome to intuitively identify and visualize the ideal orientations of static solar panels.


Hi @amjacobson,

Interesting idea and it should be totally possible. Probably not a good idea to hack the sky itself. The Call Dome is basically a collection of sensors that are generated from a hemisphere. You can use those with a standard radiation study where you can include the context in the study.

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Hi @mostapha,

I’ve come to this forum to investigate the same thing - I realised when initially simulating the PV panels on a project’s roof that there was no input for context geometry to account for the potential shading from nearby buildings or mechanical plant on the roof adjacent to the panels.

Is there a method in which this can currently be done? Or is the PV panel energy generation limited to only being able to provide unshaded information?

As a conservative/crude measure, I’m thinking of perhaps the easiest means to reduce the energy consumption would be to first analyse the reduction in total solar radiation received by the surface and apply the same % reduction to the energy reduction.

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Nevermind, I found the answer here