Idea: Shading Mask on Calla Dome

Hi All,

I just got an idea for a component, and I wanted to pick all of your brains about it before diving too deep.

I do a lot of work with identifying the ideal orientation of static PV panels, but it gets a bit tricky when I have to account for shading of surrounding context. Granted, it’s not ideal to put PV panels in any form of shade… but one must sometimes compromise to get things done.

I am wondering if it’s possible to make a selected skymatrix that has been filtered by a shading mask, and then use that ‘Shaded Selected Sky Matrix’ as the input for a Radiation Calla Dome to intuitively identify and visualize the ideal orientations of static solar panels.


Hi @amjacobson,

Interesting idea and it should be totally possible. Probably not a good idea to hack the sky itself. The Call Dome is basically a collection of sensors that are generated from a hemisphere. You can use those with a standard radiation study where you can include the context in the study.

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