Identify wind speeds in excess of a threshold at a particular site

Hi all,
Experienced in LB & HB but new to Butterfly.
Trying to confirm WELL Building Standard compliance for a project (“winds are not expected to exceed 11mph for more than 5% of hours in the year in seating areas or 10% of hours on paths & parking lots”).

I believe that the PedestrianWindComfort component can show me this result (?) however I’m having trouble understanding the “_windFactor” input and how to generate it. I’ve seen other posts on this topic but with my lack of BF experience I’m having trouble understanding the explanations.

Can anyone provide a higher-level narrative overview of the full process to generate wind speeds at a site-level such as this? I have Mostapha’s latest CFD / Outdoor Airflow Modeling example file (set geometry, create wind tunnel, create blockmesh, create snappymesh, etc) and I have watched the 2017 outdoor airflow modeling video (which I believe references OpenFOAM which BF no longer uses (?). Either way – I do know that BF is installed & working on my machine so I think I’m okay there).

Is there an output from that outdoor airflow script that is the input for _windFactor in the PedestrianWindComfort component? Or – am I even barking up the right tree with PedstrianWindComfort to verify something like the Well Standard noted above? It seems like I would need a CFD model using context breps so I know the microclimate vectors but also need an EPW file somewhere in the mix so that the data is informed by regional wind patterns…

Any assistance is appreciated. No files attached at this point since I’m just starting the process. Apologies in advance if I’ve passed over a post similar to mine – I haven’t seen one yet.