IDF editor error - Too many fields for object: Controller: Mechanical ventilation

Im facing this error - “screenshots attached” while opening the idf file in energyplus idf editor that is being generated after performing energy simulations with HB energy (ladybug tools 1.2)
This error only occurs when I use a DOAS type system but not in Ideal air loads.
I tried using the sample Honeybee energy script, changing the IAL to a DOAS+VRF to understand if my original model has issues, but the error persits even in the sample script.
I tried to read about this issue on Unmet hours (How do I fix IDF Editor "too many fields" error? - Unmet Hours) but I havent made drastic changes with my model. Just changed the system from IAL to a DOAS+VRF everything else is default. Also the energy plus is what is downloaded with Openstudio 3.1.0. Anyone has any clue what’s going wrong in the first place? I usually use EPlaunch and Openstudio to make changes in my HVAC systems but never faced this issue before.

Im also uploading the gh sample file in which I just changed the HVAC system if anyone can help by looking at the script. Thanks in (432.5 KB)

Hi @Anmol23 ,

That’s just a limitation of the IDFEditor that it doesn’t to a good job displaying IDF objects that have an indefinite number of fields that can be specified. If you edit the IDD file as @AbrahamYezioro
did here
, you should be able to get around this limitation of the IDFEditor and override the number of fields that can be displayed.