IDF file crashed

I got the following warning message for the idf file attached when executing it through EP-Launch.exe.

May I ask what is the problem with this idf file which is generated using the a Honeybee workflow.

Appreciate your advice greatly!

D05.idf (1.27 MB)


Wow, I have never seen this before and I really don’t know. I was able to run your file on my machine but the simulation is very slow. Because the file is so large, you might be running out of memory. I would try sending an email to the address in your error message or posting the question to unmet hours:

There are a lot of advanced E+ experts in that community who might have seen this before. I’ll upload a results file for you if this simulation finishes (it might be an hour or so).


Grasshope, I would send this to energyplus support team at the emailed mentioned above. Please let us know the outcome.