Idf import errors

Hello again!

First of all: Congratulations on the 2 year anniversary! Keep all that awesome stuff coming :wink:

So, I was just trying to import some of the e+ example files and with some files I’ve got the attached error with the import idf component. I don’t know if the construction “Interior Furnishings” has anything to do with the actual error, but I do know renaming it doesn’t change anything…

Have you seen that before?

Hi Albert,

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I re-worked the component recently. Check the attached file and see if it works better than the old version. It should import the geometry and constructions fine but it doesn’t support all the objects.

If you want to update the idf file that might be also helpful to track down the issue. The component is WIP and there is still so much to be done here.


Mostapha (110 KB)

Hi Mostapha,

I’ve updated all the components and tried again, but the error remains, and the “read me” output gets even worse…

I’ve attached the output in a txt file.

Many of the example files work just fine, but with some, this comes up. Try the “HospitalLowEnergy” file for example…


idf_import_error.txt (275 KB)

Thank Albert. I will give it another try soon: