IDF import problems

Hi Everyone.
I’m trying to write a code that helps me to make the operational energy analysis for my Master’s degree thesis project. To validate the results I would like to compare it with the Energy+'s simulation results of the DOE Building Prototype (Prototype Building Models | Building Energy Codes Program).

I have had problems related to the importation of the .idf file. It gave me some feedback errors (images here attached).

How could I correct it?

Here you can find the Dropbox link with all files.![IDF Problems|690x329]

Thanks in advance,
Piergiorgio S.

I think the issues are coming from trying to use EnergyPlus 9.5 with the legacy version of Honeybee. Legacy version works up to EnergyPlus 9.3.

You are also missing the output variables in your IDF file and connecting the wrong CSV file to “_resultsFileAddress”. But again, because some of names of the output variables changed in E+ 9.4, that component is not compatible with your file anyways.

Since Ladybug Tools 1.3.0 does not have the feature to import IDF files, I was able to trick Ladybug to read your results by exporting your idf as a gbXML, importing it into GH to get the geometry information, running your IDF with the proper output parameters, then reading the SQL file, and filtering out just the annual simulation results.

I personally wouldn’t recommend this though since it’s kind of messy and can only read zone results, but it would let you read the IDF results for the time being.

I realize that we implemented this a bit implicitly but, as of the LBT 1.3 release, you can directly import IDFs using the LBT plugin. You just need to connect the path to the IDF file to the _gbxml input of the HB Load gbXML component. So, in spite of the component name, you can use that component to import IDFs and OSMs to LBT Honeybee Models (as well as gbXML).

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