If you can help me see if there is any error in this energy balance diagram, I see that there is heating energy consumption in the summer

Is there something wrong?

What is the cause of this? Can anyone tell me

In a HVAC system with central air system this can happen.
The central Air system is set to cooling but some of the rooms no cooling is needed. So the air will be reheated by the other devices.
It has to do with the setpoints of the different parts of the HVAC system.

This is my battery ,it doesn’t seem to be involved in the HVAC system you mentioned :cry:

Maximum humidity of 18% is very low.
Although i do not think this is the issue.

thank you .It was very careless of me

Can I ask you one more question?

I want to set a heating schedule for a separate time, but I made a mistake, and I can’t find the reason. Could you please help me check it?

  1. Failed to find FRACTIONAL in the Honeybee schedule library.
  2. Solution exception:‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable

Is there something wrong with my schedule?


Do not use white spaces with energy plus.

Foor heating setpoints you need a temperature scedule.

Do I just need to add another thermometer in “schedtyplelimits”?

So how do I set this thermometer and what defines the boundary between the lowest and the highest temperature?I’m so ignorant :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

模拟验证.gh (791.5 KB)
Here is my file. Can you demonstrate it, please

Write “Temperature” at the “schedule type limits” and add temperature values to the gene pool, and not percentages.

Is it like this?It still doesn’t seem to work :cry: