IFC ---> Energy Plus construction material data translation

Hello! I’m currently using VisualARQ as a means to take IFC files (then repair what geometry didn’t translate correctly). stack the ‘plan views’ to use as a template for creation of hb_srfs. (using .65 at the moment) Weird likely not optimally

Does anyone have any experience or already have a little work flow for parsing basic IFC construction strings in a manor that can be translated into EnergyPlus constructions/materials? such as Basic Wall:Wall-Ext_22Rdr-100Blk-50Air-30Ins-100LBlk-12P into M01 100MM Brick ect ect ect.

Not trying to be lazy; I’ll definitely be hopping down this rabbit hole in the near future and figure it out. Just curious as to if there is any unforeseen issues with this idea, as I know most on the forum know 1000x more than I about theses things.


Hi @TrevorFedyna . I am also using visual arq and still finding a way to use the data from visual arq to be used with LBT. Did you get any lead on this?

I have not unfortunately, long story short; looking forward to the release of the LBT Revit <-> rhino.inside relationship to come