Illuminance distribution on walls using parametric grid based test point

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Thank you for this great software.

I am a new user of Grasshopper who is exploring the use of the Honeybee Grid based daylight simulation to access the distribution of illuminance in a space. I want to make a comparison of illuminance distribution on the work plane to that of the walls. Having been able to simulate for illuminance in the working plane using the Honeybee Zone Test Point for Floor Surfaces my question is:

1.How do I use the grid based test point to simulate for illuminance distribution on the North and South interior walls respectively? A grasshopper file showing this will be very helpful please.

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You can use the image based recipe to view illuminance on walls. (505.0 KB)

And if you want to use the grid recipe … here you go. Adding to @devang’s file
-A. (536.1 KB)


Thank you Abraham and Devang. The files were very helpful. I was able to simulate for Illuminance distribution on the working plane and on the interior walls.

Illuminance (564.4 KB)