Illuminance from an annual daylight analysis


I am trying to get the average illuminace (lux) in a plane of a test geometry for a given period of time. I’m am only able to get the cumulative radiation.

I would like to compare different period of the year and asses the quality of daylight during this periods.

Is there a way to get this values to get a list of all the hours on the selected periods and get the average illuminace? Can it be plotted?

Thank you for your help.

Juan Carlos

geometry.3dm (839 KB) (492 KB)
GBR_London.Gatwick.037760_IWEC.epw (1.48 MB)

Juan, You can run an annual analysis and then load the results for any hour.

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Thank you Mostapha.

I did manage to run the annual analysis but it takes a long time to plot, is that normal for Daysim or it could be my system?

Hi Juan,

If you want to load all the results at the same time it can take a very long time but if you just load the results for a number of hours that should be quite fast.


Hi Mostapha, how can you load the illuminance results (in lux) for a specific point in time from a Daylight Autonomy simulation?

I believe that a workflow like this can answer your question:



Hi Abraham!
Thanks for that quick response! looks like that is exactly what I am after!
However, I’m using a script from LBT version 1.2 and I can’t find that component.
Is that component only available in version 1.5.1? Is there an alternative to get the same output from version 1.2?


I can’t tell if the component was available in 1.2, but … why don’t you update with the Versioner?