Illuminance measurment on a surface obstructed by a mesh

Hello Everyone,

I’m working on a project where I need to measure the illuminance at various locations within a structure. To do this, I’ve designed a mesh where I’m positioning slices of circular surfaces inside it (for reference, see the attached illustration). My goal is to assess the luminous flux across these circular slices.

Currently, I’m using Ladybug to estimate the direct sunlight exposure on these slices, both with and without the external surface. However, detailed illuminance data across the different locations within the structure is crucial for my analysis.

I would greatly appreciate advice on how to approach this aspect of the project using Honeybee and Ladybug. What specific components should I use, and how should I go about this?

Thank you in advance to all who can provide some insight!

Hi @oferasaf,

You can create the grids for each slice with LB Generate Point Grid. If you run either the annual-daylight or point-in-time-grid recipes you can get the illuminance on the slices. You just need create a Honeybee model with the mesh (you can add it as shade), and then add the grids to the model.

You can get the samples file here ( or


Thank you, Mikkel!
Your answer helped me a lot!