Illuminance - problem with high values


I am new at grasshopper and honeybee/ladybug :slight_smile:

I have a problem with my illuminance file - the lux values are way too high. Could it be a problem with my assigned materials? I have previously had problems with materials - is it possible that I am missing a material database on my computer?

Any help is highly appreciated - many thanks! (142 KB)
illuminanceAnalysis_honeybee.3dm (91.2 KB)


See attached.

I marked the issues you had.

Basically your test surface normal is pointing outside. As a result the grid was out of the space. I flipped in the GH.

You were missing the LB_LB and GH_GH components. The glass material was assigned to the walls/floor/ceiling instead of the windows.

-A. (564 KB)

Hi Abraham

Thanks so much for the quick reply!
I’ll look into the missing components as well :slight_smile: