Illumination at particular time - "RED SPOTS"

I am making an illuminance analysis for a large building with a semi ellipsoidal roof and West facing openings. The results seem to have “red spots” (points of very high illuminance in between points with near zero illuminance). This feels a bit counterintuitive. It seemed initially that perhaps there was a gap/naked edge in the geometry or light was getting reflected internally beacuse of the shape of the roof. I have tried - 01, remodelling the geometry into a closed brep with 0 naked edges, changing the RadMaterial to 0 reflectance and black colour, and inserting a flat ceiling under the semi-ellipsoidal roof. But the “red spots” still appear. Would be really great to have some advise about this.

Thanks a ton! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I understand the problem but if the higher values are unexpected it might be an issue with exporting the geometry to Radiance. Did you try to mesh the input geometry? It might be wrong conversion of the curve.

Hi Mostapha, thanks a lot for the reply, it seems it was a mesh tolerance error! solved now :slight_smile: