Iluminance – daylight

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I have doubts about iluminance – daylight.

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Camila (176 KB)

  1. The colors will only show up if the values are available in the grid.

  2. Yes. Use the test points and Grasshopper’s text tag.

  3. Yes. You can use plugins like weaver bird to create a more smooth mesh.

  4. CIE sky component has an input for skyType.

If I don’t use the input for sky Type, what is the default ? (sunny, partly cloudy ou cloudy)
Thank you Mostapha

_skyType is a compulsory input. No default. You must provide it.

All input that have “_” on the left side only are compulsory.


But I run the simulation without this component “Sky Type”, so the question is, the software used which information to sky?

On my algorithm doesn’t have this input (Skytype) yet. I’ll try adapte them to insert it.

What type of sky are you using for your simulation? climateBasedSky? Then it’s created based on the radiation values from the weather data. skyType is only an input for the CIE sky.


My answer assumed Camila was using the CIE sky as Mostapha’s previous suggestion.


Yes I’m using climate Based Sky