Image Based Samples

Hi All,
I’m trying to execute a study similar to the image below to understand the relationship between specularity and roughness for my students. I’ve set up an environment in Grasshopper using a simple sphere and I’ve used the Sky from weather file component to generate the light. I’ve given the sphere a radiance material, but my images all come out as white spheres. Any advice how I may be able to execute a similar study using Grasshopper?

I have three materials in my scene and two objects.I’ve setup a box with one side 0.75 transmittance to allow light to enter the box. I’ve given the box a black material with 0.2 roughness and 0.0 specularity. The sphere has a 1.0 blue reflectance color 0.2 roughness and 0.1 speclarity.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi,@Crashnorun the sample picture you posted is similar to using electric lighting as light. So you should use electric lighting instead of sky model.And you can refer to this website.

Hi @minggangyin,
Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve created a box with a sphere and assigned a light material to the sphere. I’ve created a second sphere in the box and assigned it a basic plastic material. But now I have a slightly different problem. The Image Based Simulation component requires a sky file as an input. How would I set up an image bases simulation in Grasshopper to get the rendering?
Thanks for your help.

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There’s a component for dark sky. You can also generate the sky for an hour during the night.