Image based simulation- electric light brightness control

hello to all !
i have a question concerning the image based simulation where i am using 2 ceiling lights and a simple room of 4 walls and no windows. i am trying to change the brightness and the intensity of the light sources by adjusting the “Candela multiplier” as shown in the picture below

according to the changes made to the " Candela multiplier " , the grid based illuminance values look logic and its constantly changing with the changes of the multiplier values.

but my problem is with the image based simulation, whenever i make changes for the “Candela multiplier” i cant seem to witness any changes of the light brightness and intensity in the output picture. even when the illuminance is nearly 0 lux, the render doesnt show any darker light and the room still looks the same.

can someone please help me out with a small explanation on this ? and how can i manipulate the brightness of the light to have darker space in the final image

I wonder if this has something to do with the candela multiplier not getting updated in the rad file definition. Can you share your gh file?
(It might be a day or two before I can get to this)


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thank you so much for your time and this is a link for the google drive folder:

inside you find the rhino file, gh and ies file

Hi @m.azzi,

I couldn’t run your gh file as it contained too many components that werent present in my Grasshopper installation. Anyway, I recreated the relevant part of your simulation in a different gh file. At least on my side there doesn’t appear to be a problem:
With candelaMultiplier at 1

With candelaMultiplier at 3

My gh file is attached: (521.5 KB)
(Everything, including the IES definition, is internalized)

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