Image viewer error

A student of mine is running and image based simulation. The HDR image is produced in the project folder correctly. There is an error when trying to load the HDR image into the viewer in GH. I’ve attached a snapshot of the HDR image and snapshot of gh file causing the error.

I’m able to open the gh file on my computer, run the simulation and view the image in the image viewer without any issues. Any thoughts on what can be causing the issue?


HDR Image

You are required to use Honeybee HDR to GIF component, not HDR to HDR component.

Hi @Crashnorun,
There are two places that you might want to double-check with your student:

  1. For the legacy version: radiance has to be installed to C:\Radiance

  2. Ensure there are no special characters (space, non-ASCII) in the user name of your student’s machine. The input HDR file is converted to TIF image and saved to the following path. Radiance will fail to convert it if the user name has non-ASCII characters in it.