Image Viewer not showing HDR but does GIF

Some of my students are having this issue: The ImageViewer doesn’t show HDR files but it does show GIF files (HDR converted with the HDR-GIF component).
I know for a fact that they installed Radiance 5.4a and the latest LBT.
I tried to check various options but run out of them with no solution.
Any ideas?
I checked this discussion and this one but their are different from this case.

Hi @AbrahamYezioro ,

The imageViewer from the legacy doesn’t works with Radiance if they are installed to LBT folder, because it looks for Radiance from c:/radiance which was required in legacy version.

I will update the ImageViewer and include it into the new LBT in next fall release.


Hi @MingboPeng !
Thanks for the update. This is excellent. I was wondering.

Hi, I´m using LB legacy and the LB viewer doesn´t work even though the path is correct and the GIF image exists. Any solution?
Thanks in advance.

We are about to release a new version of LBT plugin which includes the ImageViewer in this week. In this version, it should work well with some known path issues.

I worked it out with an old falsecolor2.exe from 2013 that I found in my hard disk. Just pasted it on Radiance bin folder (I’m still using Lb legacy for daylight simulation)
Thanks for your response