Implementing Zone Splitter, Zone Mixer in ironbug

I am wondering if Is it possible to implement Zone Splitter, Zone Mixer in ironbug? What Object should I use?

What I want to do specifically is to split the Core Supply Plenum into North, East, West, and South Plenums using a Zone Splitter. I also want to mix the North, East, West, South Plenum into the Core Return Plenum using the Zone Mixer in reverse.

Thank you!!!

OFFICE_UFAD.3dm (77.7 KB) (138.6 KB)

Hi @Jae,

I am looking into OpenStudio SDK documentation now and meanwhile, can you also provide a sample osm file for me?

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Hi @Jae are you able to create a sample file in OpenStudio Application? Now I am thinking about this question again, why can’t you split the plenums physically into 4 plenums and connect them to each thermal zones respectively?

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Thank you very much for another helpful reply!! @MingboPeng :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Yes the one I am trying remodel the old version file of energyplus. I am not used to modelling in openstudio yet… so if its ok , I would take some time modeling with openstudio.

About your comments, I actually wanted to know the method to split the plenums physically into 4 plenums from 1 single core plenums and connect them. (as you commented)

I could physically model 4 plenums, and 1 core plenum,
but I didn’t know how to connect the core plenum into 4 plenums that are connected to each zones…

The reason why I tried to model like this is because I wanted to model of underfloor air distribution unit which air gets supplied from core then gets distributed to each supply plenums which are connected to each perimeter zones. (If there is any reference link that might be helpful for modelin this kind of System, I would be really thankful…!)

Thank you!!! again for your great insight and I will try to think more of the methods and mechanisms of what I am trying to model. :star_struck::star_struck: BTW I am loving using Ironbug!! Thanks!!!

Hi @Jae If I understand your case correctly, you want the core supply plenums to distribute supply air to neighbor perimeter plenums, and then further connect perimeter plenums to zones, right?

I am not sure why would you complicate this case, from the energy standpoint, it should be the same (or almost the same) as modeling one perimeter plenum for UFAD. Because as long as you set the zone condition correctly, the supply conditions are all the same between your design and the one-plenum case.

Please let me know if I misunderstood your intent.

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Hi there, @MingboPeng !!

The diagram that you have drawn for me is exactly what I am thinking of.

The reason why I tried to model complicated is because I wanted to model and compare two different plenum types.

  1. I think that the first diagram is ’ SERIES plenum configuration’ which gets distributed as below(Air gets distributed from core to each plenums in series)

  1. And the second diagram that you drew is ‘PARALLEL plenum configuration’ as photo below.(Each zones get air distributed seperately for each zone)

That is why I tried to model like the diagram as you drew…
I am not sure whether the way I am modelling can represent those different plenum configurations correctly but that was my intent! :thinking:

Thanks!!! :smiley:


Ok thanks @Jae, yes this is going to be hard to model. Each zone/plenum only has one node per zone and I think you will have to model the “series plenum” to capture this supply air temperature difference across the zone/plenums. If you need to do this for a comfort study, I think CFD is a better tool. But if you are just trying to run an energy simulation for EUI, I don’t think there is much difference between the two configurations as the supply air temperature (60F) and flow rate are the same.

If you want to model what you have in EnergyPlus, I think this is more of a question for the OpenStudio team now. You can post the question on Questions - Unmet Hours

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I totally agree with you!

Thanks again for helping me out!!!:saluting_face: