Import and visualize DF results

Dear @chris,
I’m decovering the new Ladybugtools 1.0.0, very enthousiastic! Thanks for your examples helping a lot understanding the sometimes new modelling approach.
I’m trying to convert my DaylightFactor workflow made with Honeybee Legacy into Ladybugtools 1.0.0. However, I miss the last step after the HB Run Recipe : Read the result file and visualize it. In Honeybee Legacy, there was the Read RAD Results component. For DA there is now the HB Annual Daylight Metrics component. Is there a similar component for DF? Or a workaround?
Kind regards,

You can use the grasshopper’s read file component. In the new daylight factor recipe the result has already been post-processed.

Here’s a visual of how to do it:

And here’s a sample file using the 1.0.0 components: (55.1 KB)

Thanks so much guys!! Have a good day!