Import CFD result to honeybee

hi all,

Is anyone who used to import the CFD calculation result to the honeybee to display?

if anyone had done it successfully, could you pls share the ways how you do it?

i want to know too

What software are you using the run the CFD and what is the structure of the results?

This is a quick hack that I wrote for a specific file but you might be able to edit it to work for your purpose. If you have a huge data-set you probably need to optimize the code. (14.1 KB)


Attached is another example.

The data in the CSV came from OpenFOAM processed through paraView.


ParseClimate (11.5 KB)
WindFactor_1.75m0.csv (3.49 MB)

haha, it is wonderful , it will help me let the results visualize , thank you very much .then i must find how to get the gh model to the CFD or CFX , it is hard for me to write codes . if i have time someday , i must study the codes hardly.

thank you again

Hi Architsama,

Hopefully there will be an implementation of this soon in the HB/LB API (see Butterfly project). However, if your goal is transporting the geometrical detail in Rhino to a CFD program, then you can accomplish that with the .stl export.

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