Import EPW error using clear sky model

I tried to use the clear sky mode and the python code to combine the epw and stat converted WEA file together. But after I run it, the python script throws an error like the following:

  1. Solution exception:‘EPW’ object has no attribute ‘import_data’
    Is there any solution for it? How to fix this problem?
    I was using the following clear sky example:
    Building an EPW: Creating Normal Solar Radiation from a ASHRAE Revised Clear Sky Model (“Tau Model”)

First, you are using some very old components there. I recommend using the LBT 1.4 plugin and corresponding core libraries.

Here is the SDK page for the EPW object and you can see that there’s no import_data method:

In the most recent core libraries, you can set the values of the data collection for each of the radiation fields. Like:

epw_data.direct_normal_radiation.values = direct