Import gbXML error

Hi, I using import gbXML in HB but I encountered an error:

But it works in Spider, OpenStnudio, and SketchUp!
Why it happend?
DB_4HB4.xml (562.7 KB)

Hi again, sorry to asking again. But I did not find a way to figure out the problem.
I can import from other tools like Openstudio, SketchUp, and Spider,

But I need to load in HB does anyone could Help, please?
I attached the file in the previous post.

There are two errors, one with HB, and one with the surfaces in the gbxml. I solved the first problem, but for the second issues, it looks like HB is having issues with some surfaces? i.e srf87?

Are you sure all your surfaces are being loaded correctly in Spider/OpenStudio?

You can use this edited component, as a temporary fix to get most of your zones in. Hopefully someone will come by with a better solution. (462.4 KB)


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Awesome! @SaeranVasanthakumar, Thank you so much.
I’m not sure, I’ll check that.
But sometimes I got these error in Honeybee import gbXML :

The model is imported from C:\Users\HD\Downloads\DB_4HB2.xml
Runtime error (ApplicationException): Access violation - no RTTI data!

  line 308, in script

and this:

The model is imported from C:\Users\HD\Downloads\DB_4HB2.xml
Runtime error (TypeErrorException): 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable

  line 113, in getGeometry, "<string>"
  line 345, in script

What version of OpenStudio are you using? I managed to get it working with OpenStudio 2.4. Below or equal to OpenStudio 2.5 is best for Honeybee right now.


I use OpenStudio 2.7

There’s some known bugs on Honeybee with OpenStudio 2.7, (see this post by Chris for more info). Moving to OpenStudio 2.5.0 or lower should fix this issue.


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Thank you @SaeranVasanthakumar for your help.:bouquet::+1:

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thank you for your help. How can i import gbXML in openstudio 2.5?

importing gbXML in openStudio 2.5 is not the same as importing it in 2.9. can you please help me sort it out ?