Import gbXML: Expected Path got str Error

Good morning,
I’m have some difficulty myself with the XMLtoHB component.
The xml file in question opens nicely in OpenStudio (and Spider viewer) but I get:

It has to be something simple I am doing wrong, any ideas?

Thand for your time,

Hi @demianvk,

This is because of a recent change in OpenStudio API. I believe you are using OpenStudio 2.6 or newer. This is already addressed and is available on GitHub.

You can either update Ladybug and Honeybee installation or use and older version of OpenStudio.

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@demianvk Maybe because your path have the space.Please change the path and try again!

Mostapha made the call, I had the latest version of OpenStudio installed. I updated Ladybug and Honeybee from Github and we up and running:

Thanks for checking in.

Hi @mostapha,
Is there a way to manually point Honeybee to an older version of OpenStudio?

By the way, updating to the newest code on Github fixed the problem. Thank you!

Hi @Justin_Shultz,

Yes. It’s possible. After honeybee_honeybee is executed you can overwrite the path. This will be overwritten every time that a honeybee_honeybee component is executed and you have to re-run this code again!

import scriptcontext as sc

sc.sticky["honeybee_folders"]["OSLibPath"] = "C:/openstudio-2.5.0/CSharp/openstudio"

How to update from github??

Use the Ladybug_Update Ladybug component:

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Wim’a snap shot below is the easiest way.

I did have a problem with updating honeybee through the tool (honeybee has a similar method as ladybug shown in the snapshot), I had to download the user tools and over write the old ones.

thks! i’ve updated the same way!

Did you try this file? Let us know if the issue persists.,0

Thank you mostapha for re-directing here. I updated LB and HB component but problem still persist. Though I haven’t tried updating OSM path to manually point Honeybee to an older version of OpenStudio.

Any pointers?

thank you,

Did you restart both Rhino and Grasshopper after updating the components? Rhino caches the libraries so unless you restart Rhino it will be still using the older version of OpenStudio implementation. Can you share a screenshot of the error message?

Here I attached the screenshot of error message.


The tool you are trying to use has been updated to accommodate changes to the latest verion of OpenStudio’s API.
The best thing to do is update to the latest version.



Thank you, Demian. When i manually replaced the component with the newer one, the error message went away. But some other component started popping up similar message [ refer screenshot]. Is there a way to get updated all the component? I have actually updated the HB and LB with the Honeybee_update_honeybee.