Import IDF File

Hi, @chris. First of all, thank you for your many solutions. I have solved many problems through your solutions in this forum.

But there is error in Importing IDF File.
I’ve tried to find a lot of solutions, but I can’t, so I’m asking questions

I want to import DOE reference buildings, so i try this way : How to Open the DoE Commercial Reference Buildings in Ladybug Tools - #4 by chris

It can import DOE reference buildings. But there is problem that there is no windows.

So i try to import IDF File directly using HB load gbXML OSM IDF.

I use Rhino 7, Ladybug-1.6.0, EnergyPlus-22.1

How can i solve this problem?

Perhaps it is the quotation marks around the file path?

I removed the quotation marks like you said, and this new error occur… :joy: :joy:

@dohhhh Can you upload this particular idf?

ASHRAE901_OfficeLarge_STD2022_Albuquerque.idf (917.0 KB)

@justinfmccarty This is the IDF file. I downloaded the Large Office file of PNNL Reference Building developed by DOE