Import IES file: strip light seems like a point

Hi all,

I’m doing a research on electric lighting with honeybee tools.
The type of light is strip/linear light and I’ve downloaded lots related IES files online.
The problem is: after I imported the IES file into gh and did the daylight simulation, the results showed that the light source was a point instead of a rectangle / line. However the IES file seems work in the DIAlux (daylight simulation software). Attached are the screenshots.

Do you have any related experience? Could you please help me with this? THANK YOU!!!

Its hard to tell based on whatever you’ve posted. Can you share the gh file and the IES file?


Sorry for the late update! I still can not fix this problem so I’m so excited to see that you’re willing to help!
I just wanted to clarify that I need to simulate a linear/ strip lamp. Actually I have built the model of the specific fixture myself, so I try to find a linear lamp and put it inside the fixture in Rhino. However the problem is that the linear ies file doesn’t seem like linear… Is there any error in the gh file or do you have better ies file?


The related gh & ies file are attached.

FEM_L24_2000LM_IMACD_MD__80CRI_30K.ies (2.6 KB) (512.9 KB)

Hi @tiffiena,

Your lamp looks linear to me.

I edited your script so it will be easier to set view and removed one wall from the HB model so I could get image inside the box without the camera being inside the box.

I would also recommend using directory contents for picking different ies files faster. (540.8 KB)


Thank you Tokarzewski!
Thank you for your help!