Import Logger Data

I’m using the Adaptive Comfort Calculator in Ladybug. I have hourly indoor temperatures (ms-excel) from a data logger which I’d like hook into the indoor dry bulb temp button on the Calculator. How do I convert my temperatures into a list that ladybug will recognise? Thank you.

You can use the LB_CreateHeader component for that.

Thank you for the reply.
How then do I import the excel data set to hook it into the “rawData_” button of the Create Header tool?
I tried enetering multiline data into a panel but it’ll not take more than 6000 lines.
Thanks so much!

Is not something i did myself but i would try to create a text file with the data and read it with the native GH read file component.

@AbrahamYezioro thank you.
I finally opened with GH tool “Read File”. It reads .txt


You can use bumblebee. It works well.

@Erikbeeren thank you for this. I have installed Bumblebee but I can see it has a steep learning curve. I’ll appreciate if you can refer me to some “introduction to bumblebee” resources.
Thanks so much!

Hi @tomsanya,

Why do you need to use the panel? You can directly connect the data to the component.

I would save it as a csv file and use read file to import them to Grasshopper. It’s much more straight forward and easier to get you started.

Hello @Mostapha Good to hear from you. Yes, I used Read File and managed to get the data. Thanks so much for this and all your the wonderful work!