Import material window from revit (gbxml) to Honeybee


Hy everyone,
I am working with the gbxml import component, but I have some problems with the window materials. I set those properties in revit, but honeybee replaces window proprieties with default materials… Is there a way to import the revit window materials correctly?

thanks a lot!



It is a normal sense for import gbXML to Honeybee. You just need to set new material and construcion for windows using Honeybee in Grasshopper.


thanks a lot for your answer,
but I explain better my sentece. When I import the model from revit, all material and construciton type are correct (exterior wall, roof and so on), only the windows properties materials are missing… therefore, I think thata could be a way to correctly set up them.
I try to modify them in HB with the component AddHBGlz but this component duplicate the window surface ( if I have 2 surfaces, after that I have 4). Maybe is not the correct one.
Is there another component that allows me to modify material imported from revit gbxml) ?

thanks a lot!


@LauraP You can use Honeybee Set Construction component to do this.


thanks a lot for your ansewer! It works now :slight_smile: